night, sleep, death, and the stars (missyroo) wrote,
night, sleep, death, and the stars


if you have any doubts about dating me, please don't have me make all these changes in my schedule and get all dressed up and excited, then email me while i'm at work right before our date to say you're "too emotionally fucked up" to hang out.

i'll probably erase this later. i don't like bitching on livejournal. or at all.

i just feel so fucking undesireable. (wrong word, but i can't think of the correct one)
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i know.

don't leave!
*drinks with ya*
i've been feeling undesirable for about a year now. i think it might be the right word. but if this person is smart, they'll realize just how desirable you really are.
why are you so ridiculously sweet to me?

for that reason alone i desire you immensely.