night, sleep, death, and the stars (missyroo) wrote,
night, sleep, death, and the stars

holiday party?

it'll be different than last year. i think the orgies are too much to be annual.

friday december 12th.

nothing fancy, i just want to see everyone before the holidays commence.

let me know what you want me to cook/bake/buy.

come and bring others!!
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oh yay!!

this is exciting.

do you make peppermint bark? i was looking at a ridiculous crate & barrel magazine that someone left at starbucks and it had PEPPERMINT BARK in it. why does this sound good? because i'm insane.

maybe i should make some. tell me what you want me to bring?

i won't be humping any blow up dolls this year either.
it sounds good because you're pregnant, silly :) and, for the record, it's super easy to make.
that is terrific news!!

when are you coming to chicago christie?
peppermint bark is amaaazing. i don't know how to make it, but i'm sure we could figure it out.

oooh, also, do you think we should attempt the gift exchange again this year? i thought it went fairly well last time...
it will end up dirty again!!
how many orgies have you been in?

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you can't deny it! you can't!
yeah ... last year's was definitely... interesting...

i wonder if i can make it to.. not sure when going home

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i did hear about it. i don't know whether or not i'll be attending.
i was there last year.
and this year?
if i can make it and am not working. i belive thats the same night as my works christmas party.
oh dannng. i was going to crash your work's christmas party too!

how the hell how you been? it's been way too long...i moved back to ohio (i don't know if i told you or not)...i'd really like to catch up with you, so drop a line!

good taste in music (and movies)
i miss you.

but that's okay i guess :/
aww, sweetness. i'm still around, i have a new journal though! its 'monochromantic'. come and join :)


January 24 2005, 10:30:51 UTC 12 years ago

man, i wonder if jonah would be pissed he new that you fucked his homeboy heather?