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"hello mister dizzle."

today at work i helped out a man that was probably 55 years of age. we get many crossdressers in the store and he was bigger and needed help finding women's clothing in his size. so i helped him. a lot, actually. i tried to find the clothes even while i was busy with a ton of other customers because half the employees seemed to disappear. well he heads off to the dressing room and said something about trying on our fake breasts with his outfit. i told him to ask austin who was in the wig room.

a few minutes later there is a commotion. the guy had tried to bring the breasts and a pair of shoes in and try on the whole outfit. i guess he just settled for the dress and began to masturbate in our dressing room !!!

that just makes me angry. the managers dealt with it just fine, but why would he waste my time if he was just going to wack off and leave? he even had the guts to thank me as he walked out.

everyone at work also decided it would be funny to mention that i was probably part of his fantasy since i helped him pick out his fantasy outfit. that makes me sick.

oh well, things were made up afterwards. i met a talkative cute gay boy from dublin who is going to send me "ireland gossip" upon his return in october. i also met two really sweet kids that want me to hang out with them while they are in town.

my job makes me really happy. i may complain occasionally but it makes me feel fulfilled and makes me social.

that's all i suppose.

...i'm wearing a pink collared button up shirt and white tie. if i got anymore 80's new wave i wouldn't know what to do. we played an 80's cd at work. i danced, it was good. (i also got the perfectly soft vintage tee and some super hot vintage heels) fyi: these items cost me a whopping $26! a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
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